for artist in all fields. topic: "Fashion".

Deadline: 10.5.24

CALL FOR ENTRIES: MODA - A Fusion of Fashion and Art

Untergeschoss der Pandora Gallery, Mittenwalder Str. 6, 10961, Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Embrace the Intersection of Style and Expression at MODA 

Untergeschoss der Pandora Gallery invites artists, photographers, filmmakers, and creators to participate in our upcoming exhibition, MODA – a celebration of fashion as a dynamic form of artistic expression. Taking inspiration from the Spanish word for fashion, MODA aims to explore the diverse facets of this ever-evolving phenomenon.

  • Experimental Fashion Designers
  • Socio-political Artists
  • Installative Creators
  • Visionary Photographers
  • Boundary-pushing Filmmakers

Exhibition Details:

  • Gallery: Untergeschoss der Pandora
  • Location: Mittenwalder Str. 6, 10961, Berlin, Kreuzberg
  • Dates: During Fashion Week 2024 


MODA goes beyond the conventional runway, delving into the socio-political dimensions, experimental techniques, and immersive installations that shape our perception of fashion. We believe that fashion is not just an industry; it's a canvas for diverse narratives, an expression of cultural shifts, and a powerful tool for societal commentary.

How to Submit:

  1. Email your portfolio or proposal to [] with the subject line: "MODA Submission: [Your Name]."
  2. Include a brief artist statement and a description of your work.
  3. Attach high-resolution images or links to your previous works.
  4. Deadline for submissions is 10.05.24.

Join us in Redefining the Language of Fashion!

MODA encourages artists to challenge conventions, break boundaries, and present a fresh perspective on the intersection of fashion and art. We welcome submissions that engage with fashion through diverse mediums, sparking conversations about culture, identity, and society.

Let your creativity take center stage at Untergeschoss der Pandora Gallery in the heart of Berlin's vibrant Kreuzberg. 

For inquiries and more information, contact us at